The Return Of Neil

As the Wee County Sessions reboots (along with the computer!) we are delight to announce that End of Neil will be returning this weekend to do another song. We recently had the opportunity to see Neil at one of his own gigs, and if you thought he was good first time round, you should see him at a gig!

We’re sure Neil will pool another great song out of the bag and know he has lots to tell us about his music 🙂


Wee County Sessions Return!

After a few weeks break, due to a hard drive failure, the Wee County Sessions return this weekend! Have to say I’ve missed doing the videos the last few weeks, but it’s taken a while to get my computer back up and running, including a few upgrades.

Thank you everyone for persevering during this downtime!

Margaret McGill – “Jolene”

We are delighted to have a new face here on the Wee County Sessions!  Her first time on the Wee County Sessions, and certainly not her last, Margaret McGill came along this weekend to perform Dolly Parton’s extremely popular song “Jolene”.

Margaret has been playing music since she was a teenager and her roots are in folk and country music.  I’m sure you will agree she has a fantastic voice and great finger-style guitar playing.

I’ll leave you with her video 🙂

This Week On The Wee County Sessions…

Hello folks! Good news, we have someone new on the Wee County Sessions this week – Margaret McGill!

We met Margaret at the weekly jam night at the Oakwood in Sauchie and were amazed by her voice. She has been singing for many years, but after a wee break has recently got back into it and it’s always a treat to hear her sing.

Look for her first appearance on the Wee County Sessions this weekend 🙂

Andrew Huggan – In the Glen

Another weekend is here and another Wee County Sessions video is made!  Sadly no-one was available to do a song this weekend, so our host Andrew Huggan has returned again to do a session.

This video features Andrew performing his brand new song “In the Glen”, based on the story of how Andrew & Kirsten got engaged in Alva Glen.  Have a wee listen folks, it’s a nice wee song!

You can find out more about Andrew Huggan at his newly re-vamped website

Andrew Wyper – “Gone to the Movies” & “The Boy in the Bubble”

Hello folks,

Unfortunately, Burning Cafe couldn’t make it this weekend. However, Andrew Wyper kindly stepped in at short notice to perform a few songs for us.

This week, Andrew chose the song “Gone to the Movies” by 90’s band Semisonic alongside Paul Simon’s song of many words “The Boy in the Bubble”.  Both fantastic songs and Andrew delivers them excellently in his own style.

Andrew’s band Bad Elephant will be performing at Nicky Tam’s, Stirling on Saturday 5th May and also in the Wee County’s own Oakwood Lounge, Sauchie as part of a band night on Sunday 6th May.


This Weeks Featured Artist – Burning Cafe

This week on the Wee County Sessions we will be featuring our first band, Burning Cafe!  You may remember a few weeks ago we featured End of Neil, well Burning Cafe is his band.  You can find out more about them and listen to some tracks on their website

Looking forward to having them round and hearing their song.  Now where are all my cables???